Wedding Yay!

Girls, take to your wardrobes and dig out your rather far too large hats; the wedding season has rolled around once again. For the majority, weddings are always a whirlwind of friends, family and a blur of unruly children running circles, applying themselves with grass stains and an array of creamy puddings. But before it’s all over, I would suggest to be sure taking a minute and looking at the little details. Months and months leading up the marriage, the bride will have poured over each little element to ensure some of the most unforgettable moments of their life.

Many couples feel that they will take on the whole project themselves because, despite what the magazines, blogs and YouTube videos tell you to do, it ultimately comes down to personal expression in the designing of your perfect day. When individualism is key, there is relentless use of the scissors to cut yet another exquisitely decorated cake out of a hefty pile of publications. The planning therefore really becomes a ‘labour of love’ and that’s what usually makes the event most beautifully successful.

With the likes of Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice now more popular than ever it seems, it’s hard not to take inspiration from the quintessential essence of life in times where ‘courting’ was a thing. We also completely and utterly indulged in Kate and William’s marriage for weeks last year. Its fairy tale like nature compelled us to begin to swoon over carriages and lace décolletages. This style of sophistication and elegance, in my opinion, is not over done and never will be, simply because of the way each couple bring a unique adaptation to their day.

The gooey, enchanted sensation you get when watching a vision in white frolic down the aisle, is only enhanced by the backdrop. Location, I think, is vital. It holds your childhood fantasies within its floors, ceilings and walls, bringing a completeness to your final vision. We are incredibly lucky in Britain that we have access to the magnificence of the countless historical homes that have been maintained over the centuries. Generations after generations have wedded and celebrated in the grounds and rooms of these great manors and now brides-to-be can too. A recent wedding I attended sourced as their whimsical venue. It left me entranced and transported to the magical times of Jane Austin.

A solid foundation in the setting can lead to a subtle push in the direction of evading tradition. For the typical bride, stepping away from what is known to them in the way of the weddings they have grown up with, can be difficult, usually for the desire to remain ‘tasteful’. My advice would be to develop a love for Pinterest and get pinning! There are hundreds of embellishments, many which can be made by hand. Understated added touches like these takes away the boringness of a cookie cutter wedding and makes something that you would be proud to call your own.


Don’t Let Venue Noise Restrictions Stop Your Wedding Entertainment

The last thing you need at your wedding reception is for law enforcement to come in and pull the plug on your music. In your wedding entertainment planning you must familiarize yourself with licensing rules, party restrictions, strict end times for the venue, and decibel limits. Fortunately, the musicians at earcandy were able to share their secrets to adhering to noise restrictions while ensuring that guests have a great time. Some of their main guidelines are listed below.

Understand The Policy

You can encounter problems with noise restrictions in the most unexpected places. For instance, you might just as easily disturb neighbors in a remote area as you would in a hotel ballroom. Never assume that you won’t disturb anyone if you take your party out in the middle of nowhere. Before you place your final seal of approval on the venue, ask about the finish time and the decibel limits. You’ll need that information to pass on to your DJ, as they might need a noise limiter when they perform.

Keep A Level Head

If the venue requires a noise limiter, there’s no need to panic. Noise limiters are standard for many venues, but it doesn’t have to affect your party. A noise limiter simply means that you might have to consider a smaller band in order to stay within your decibel count. You can also ask the venue manager to extend the finish time if it is earlier than you planned.

Communicate With Your Musicians

Real professionals know how to get the best sounds even when a sound limiter is required. Pass on information about the venue to your musicians as you get them. Go with them to the venue and listen to their expert advice when it comes to the setup of sound equipment in the room.

Respect The Noise Limiter

Sound limiters come with a light indicator system, so you’ll know when you’re within and outside the limits. Green and amber signal that you’re okay. Once you get into the red light zone for more than a few seconds, the system and power will shut down. The style of music, noise from the crowd, and setup of the room can all influence whether you go into the red zone.

Schedule Your Day And Stick To It

When your ceremony and other events run late, it means that you’ll also have less time for the reception. If you must adhere to a strict finish time, it means that you’ll reduce the time for entertainment when you’re late for the ceremony. Stick to your schedule if you don’t want your party to be over when it’s just getting started.

After Party-Parties Are Fun

Rent out the entire pub after a certain hour, or switch from amplified music to iPod music if noise is an issue. Your guests will welcome the opportunity to keep the party going.

Don’t Settle

Ultimately, the decision might come down to the venue you’ve always dreamed of, or the 10 piece band that your guests will enjoy. Focus on what matters most to you, and if that means changing the venue then so be it.

For expert advice and quality musicians, visit

Having the Best Handmade Wedding Invitations

When it comes to organizing your wedding, there is so much choice out there it can be overwhelming.  I often get asked for recommendations on certain suppliers or advice on where to start.  I was recently asked to recommend someone that offers handmade wedding invitations.

After doing a little research I came across a company called Paper Delights who offer really different and unique wedding invitations.  Their designs are really different from others that I have seen and are of a high quality.  The handmade wedding invitations that they have on offer, range from fun pastel bunting invites to beautiful harden rose blooms hand painted with watercolors for that really special invitation.  I loved how they offered both printed designs and hand painted designs as this is something I don’t often see.

All of the designs are hand illustrated and edited before being printed onto high quality card stock. Often I hear from brides that are worried about the quality of handmade wedding invitations however I can assure you that these invitations are beautiful and being handmade only enhances how special and unique they are.  Your guests really will go ‘wow!’ when they receive these little pieces of art in the post.

Cupcakes Are Fun and Delicious

The newest trend in baking is cupcakes. These individual sized treats have been around for years, but have recently become more popular. The Food Network has even created a new show that pits cupcake makers against each other to find the best cupcake. Recently, cake shops have turned their cake making to cupcake making. However, there are many secrets to making sure that the cupcakes that you make are just as delicious as the ones you see on MakeBake.

One of the things that you should remember when baking your cupcakes is that the only limits you have are your imagination. Creating new and different flavor combinations can make your cupcakes fun and exciting. Experiment with different flavors. You may just find that you can create something delicious.

When baking cupcakes, there is not a specific recipe that you have to follow. Any cake recipe will do. You can become more creative by adding flavors, berries, liquor, even candy pieces. Any of these add ins make great cupcakes. Just be certain that you are adjusting cooking times if you add fresh fruit. The fruit will make the cake a bit wetter and may take longer to cook. Every pan, oven, and liner is different, so you want to monitor your first batch of cupcakes very closely. Check them after about ten minutes to see how they are doing. This will give you a good idea of cooking time for the other batches. Once the cupcake springs back, you know it is done.

Another thing that you must consider when baking cupcakes is how much batter to put into the liners. Overfilling the liner can lead to the cupcake spilling over and creating a mess on the pan. Fill the liners only about ½ to 2/3 full. This will create the perfect sized cupcake. However, if you are trying a recipe that you have never used, you may want to try a test cupcake first. Some cupcake batters will not rise very much while others may double in size. To fill the liners cleanly, you can use an ice cream scoop.

The best thing about the cupcakes is the decorating. This is the best way to add your own personal touch. There are many frosting recipes that you can find and you can add flavors and colors to these too. One thing that you must remember is that the thinner the frosting, the more difficult it may be to work with. Thicker frostings can be piped onto the cupcake in interesting peaks and swirls. Thinner frostings can just be spread on and topped with some sort of topper or sprinkles for color.

Once you have the cupcake of your dreams, you can keep them fresh by storing them in an airtight container. Most cupcakes will keep for about a week. Not that they will last that long! Happy baking!

NancyKay’s Confections

NancyKay’s Confections is a boutique custom cake studio in Los Angeles known for offering the most attentive service possible. Not only do they love cakes, they love our clients and brides! They take great pleasure in working with you and it is Their joy to create a beautiful and delicious cake for your event.

NancyKay’s Confections wedding cakes have graced celebrity and some of the most prestigious wedding receptions along the Southern California coast. In addition, our cakes have been featured in the magazines of: Grace Ormonde, The Knot, In Style Weddings, The Bride and Bloom, YWD, Ceremony – Los Angeles and Orange County Weddings.

Rosebud Wedding Cakes

Rosebud Cakes specialize in spectacular wedding cake decoration and offer many style options that range from Midieval to Art Nouveau, Classical to Retro & Ultra Modern. Their cake artists will customize a creation just for your event that will invoke an indelible impression for years to come. For 24 years, Rosebud Cakes has been the premier cake design studio catering to the Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles Area.

Fantasy Frostings

The most shared part of your wedding day is the cake – what else do you give to all of your guests that they share and enjoy together? Fantasy Frostings will capture the personality of the Bride & Groom and enhance the celebration with a cake that will be fondly remembered forever. For thirty-eight years our family has traveled over 1,000,000 miles on California highways and freeways delivering our cakes to weddings and other special events and we are excited to be a part of your special day!

Fillagree Wedding Cakes

Sunny Lee, Head Designer at Filigree Cakes has spent the last 7 years learning and growing in the pastry kitchens of the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena and Laguna Niguel as well as at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. With her knowledge of using only the freshest ingredients and her attention to detail and exposure to designs from elegant to extravagant, a cake from Filigree Cakes will not only be pleasing to your palette but beautifully crafted as well.


Cupcake Wedding Tower

For couples looking beyond the traditional wedding, Sprinkles Cupcakes offers the modern day alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Stack your wedding cupcakes on towering tiers or treat each guest to a sweet token of your wedded bliss.

The Caketress

Every cake created by The Caketress is custom tailored to suit your personal tastes and style. Using only the finest ingredients, the cakes are baked fresh from scratch. The goal is to make each cake a spectacular presentation and a delicious dessert. Each cake is designed to be one of a kind , just like your special event.

Due to the large amount of attention to detail each one of a kind tailored cake receives , there are limited and few cake orders taken each week. Reservations are taken on first come first serve basis. A forty percent deposit will secure your date on the Caketress calendar. From small to large, and simple to exquisitely detailed , the Caketress custom designed cakes caters to your exquisite affair.